Albums are the best way for you to showcase beautiful photos you snapped for your previous clients. The more albums in your portfolio, you’ll gain a higher ranking our search results.

Albums that tells a complete story and filled with useful information tend to be get more views from search engines and are shared more often on social media.

Album name

Name your album with location and shoot type
Help clients to understand what this session is about by using a more descriptive name. Instead of using the couple’s name only, e.g. John + Jane, try adding it with the location name, the photo shoot type or the photo shoot concept.

For example:

  • Destination Wedding at Marriott Hotel for John & Jane
  • John & Jane’s Cossars Wine Shed Wedding
  • Casual Couple Photo Shoot in Melbourne

Album description 2016-05-13 17-00-20

Write a story by answering these questions
Album description helps clients understand what happened behind your beautiful. Writing a short story is easy. A quick way to write a description is to simply answer some questions yourself:

  • How did you meet the couple?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What is their love story?
  • What are the locations for this photo shoot?
  • Are there any reasons why you chose these locations?

Album location

Add locations to your album
Clients can view your work when they are using maps to find the right photographers. Albums tagged with locations will show up in our maps. For example, a client browsing for photographs in Bali will be able to see your work in the various locations you have shot for this album.


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