How it works

  1. Client makes an enquiry about your availability on OneThreeOneFour.
  2. Client makes a booking by paying a deposit via OneThreeOneFour.
  3. You will receive the payment directly from Client via OneThreeOneFour.
    A OneThreeOneFour service fee, based on your package price, would be deducted from the deposit
    PayPal will charge a small fee, based on your deposit amount and your account
  4. You will collect the balance amount from Client on the day of photoshoot, or according to your payment policy.

Things to note

  • Deposit amount collected is based on Deposit Percentage set in My Store.
    We recommend to lower the Deposit Percentage to reduce the fees charged by PayPal.
  • Collection of balance is not handled by OneThreeOneFour. You should collect the balance amount directly from Client, based on your Payment Policy.
  • Payment Policy is set by you in My Store.

Learn more about My Store.

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